Wednesday, May 19, 2010


  • Minnesota, he's still alive, folks. I called the cops in his town and asked for a proof of life. They knocked on his door and he responded. He's apparently watching Dancing with the Stars in infinite loop, having given up on all sports (Vikings choke, Bruins choke)
  • Turkish futbol fans set fire to their seats. We shoulda done this. The seats are even yellow.
  • Allegedly, Paul Pierce tweeted some bologna about getting a broom after beating the Magic last night. He denies this, says he was hacked, etc. I think all Celtics fans can just look at their Garden roommates when it comes to 2-0 series leads.
  • Taylor Hall watch: Last night the Spitfires beat, ah, Moncton 4-3 in OT last night. Hall leads playoff scoring with 17-18-35 totals in 19 games. He did not register a point in last night's game.
  • Bruins UFAs: Recchi, Thornton, Begin, Satan, Seidenberg, Wozniewski, Lefebvre
  • Bruins RFAs: Wheels, Sobotka, Paella, Stuart, Boychuk, Lehtonen, Bodnarchuk, Lovecchio, McQuaid, Regan, Larman
  • GONE: Muzz' annual $1.3M cap hit for his buyout. Patrick Eaves' $258K buyout.
  • STILL LINGERING: Peter Schaefer's buyout: $566K
  • DRAFT DAY: June 25 in Los Angeles. Bruins have 2nd & 15th picks in the 1st round.
  • Gotta sign Recchi (if he wants to stay) and Stuart. I'd consider anyone else sticking around to be gravy, particularly Seidenberg.
  • I'd let Wheeler walk.


  1. Boychuk belongs with the UFAs - as do Sabourin and Larman.

  2. Boychuk is restricted...The Morale Officer has it's the link:

  3. I probably should have posted from which website I swiped the information. I used this page for the RFA/UFA list:

  4. That list is incorrect. As has been discussed in the media relentlessly over the last two days, Boychuk is a UFA - he beats the age requirement for RFA by 6 months, and beats the service time requirement by about 15 games. He even specifically spoke about his UFA status yesterday.

    NESN (
    Boston Globe (
    Boston Herald (
    NECN (
    ComcastSports (

  5. Ouch, I've been exposed for completely ignoring all Bruins media since Black Friday the 14th...I actually did see a little bit of Dancing With The Stars as I tuned over to watch "Lost" last night...

  6. Keep Boychuk, let. Wheeler walk.