Friday, May 14, 2010


Sitting here at work and not getting very much done in nervous anticipation of tonight's Game 7. Amazingly, Felger has it exactly right. We, diehard Bruins fans, are now the 'legion of the miserable' just like the Red Sox diehards prior to 2004. We live and die with every bounce of the puck. We expect the worst. We give up on them one day and are hopelessly emotionally attached to them the next.

An email from the mayor this morning: "I have zero confidence the B's win tonight.  Zero."  Yup, miserable.

I have no idea what to expect tonight. This season has taught us that we never know which team is going to show up. Let's hope they can find a way. I'm not ready to start blogging about Steve Tambellini and his campaign of media subterfuge to attempt to pry something out of Chia to move up for Hall (when he's just going to draft Seguin anyways).

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