Thursday, May 6, 2010

This Blows

The loss of David Krejci is very discouraging.  This is the first huge negative in a playoff run that has been full of positives.  Arguably, the only components more valuable than Krejci to this team would be Rask, Chara, and Bergeron.  Vladdy played brilliantly in Round 1 in an increased role with Savard still out and he will have to be brilliant again.  But, even if he is, Vladdy is just not going to fill Krejci's skates offensively.  The Bruins best offensive line (Krejci/Lootch/Satan) has lost its catalyst.  Also, McQuaid is "very doubtful" for Game 4 as well.  This is obviously not a huge loss, but the injury bug needs to go away.  The Ference/McQuaid D pair was of course on the ice for Philly's only goal last night.  Conversely, the Bruins have been feasting on Philly's third pair of Parent/Krajicek.  This has been the primary difference in the series aside from goaltending - the Bruins offensive depth has been able to take advantage of the third pair while the Flyers have not been able to do the same.  Unfortunately, losing Sturm and now Krejci does significant harm to that depth on offense.

Let's hope they can step it up and continue this though.  They still have a guy by the name of Rask that basically won that game for them last night.  Listening to the radio this morning, there are apparently people out there who think Tim Thomas should see some action in this series.  These people should be deported from New England - please stop calling the radio and go see a NASCAR race or something.

If the B's can finish this off by Game 5 at the latest, they will have some time to rest and hopefully get Mark Stuart back on the blueline which will be a nice boost for the top four D who have been logging a lot of minutes.  It will also give Tuukka a rest and keep him fresh which is what these Thomas idiots think he needs anyways.

Go Habs Go - Make it a long series and go right ahead and win it if you'd like.


  1. i dont think that we will have that hard of a time getting over the loss of krejci. these bruins are determined to win. plus, krejci went down in like the first five minutes, and yet we still won 4 to 1. we will definantly miss him, but i think the bruins will prevail. what did we do when savard was out? we can do the same with krejci. no biggie.

  2. I hope you're right, but the competition is going to get a lot better than what they have faced thus far...unless of course it's Montreal next round...

  3. i feel that if we face pittsburgh, its gonna be a challenge, but we still have great defense. and now with mcquaid out, and stuart back, its gonna be better. the mcquaid/ference dpair have given up goals more than anyone. pittsburgh doesnt have an amazing defense or a goalie like tuukka. fleury is too hyped up. idk, i think if our defense continues to be great, then we have HUGE chance. with or without krejci & sturm. just my thoughts. haha.. btw i hope im right too"/