Tuesday, September 22, 2009

6-5 (SO)...B's Lose in Preseason..Wait..SHOOTOUT?

So a little absurd hockey tonight as the B's lose to the Blue Jackets 6-5 in a Shootout.

Several things are wrong with this.

#1 The fact that this is a pre-season game.

#2- The fact that the game ENDED IN A SHOOTOUT.

I know the shootout has brought interest back to hockey, blah blah blah from non-hockey fans. Everyone loved to see Sid the Kid score the shootout goal in the snow vs. Buffalo in the Winter Classic etc etc etc.

But seriously now? A shootout in pre-season hockey? What a joke. End the game after regulation.

So real goals tonight by Ference (welcome back), Chuckles, Thornton, J-Boy, and Savvy. 

Wheeler nets one in the joke shoot-out.

Brawls by Fata (LOVE THIS GUY) and Stuart.

Less than 2 weeks til real hockey starts!

Oh and while we are at it- HORRIBLE news with the DirectTV/Versus deal. Hopefully they get that dealt with by the Caps game.

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