Friday, September 18, 2009

Latest on Kessel

Here's a look at some different opinions from around the web:

Bob McKenzie (Toronto blocking other deals)
KPD (pulling things out of thin air including Dubinsky) (Preds point of view)
ESPN (Pierre Lebrun - brief discussions with the Wild?)
Joe Haggerty (more of the same)

Here's mine - I've said all along that this kid was going to get a lot better once he finished puberty. Unfortunately for the Bruins, I think he is about to. When this Spencer Pratt lookalike grows into his body, he will be much stronger on his skates and be able to score more goals. He managed 36 last year thanks to speed, his shot, and the occasional deke that actually worked. Add some strength to that and he's a 50-goal scorer in this league. I know a late-bloomer when I see one. On a much smaller and more pathetic scale, I went through the same thing when I played some small-time college hockey in Worcester.

I hate to see him go, but he has to if these rumors are true of multi-year deals worth $5.5M-$6.0M per year. The Bruins would be committing cap suicide by signing him for that and it would probably not be good for the team either. At that number, Michael Ryder would have to go to make room for him.

If you believe Bob McKenzie, an offer sheet could be coming down this weekend. According to all the rumors, we are going to know soon. I just hope he goes to the Western Conference and the Bruins score a nice package of draft picks.

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