Friday, September 25, 2009

There Will Be Blood

This is why I prefer watching hockey over baseball - both the Sox and the Bruins started at 7pm, and the Sox game is somewhere in the 6th inning with that hillbilly mouth-breather Joba Chamberlain pitching, and the Bruins game is already over. Yeah, the Bruins beat the Senators in Ottawa by - guess the score - 2-1. At least the game did not go into OT. Goals by Marchand (slap pass/tip from Morris) and by Fata (slapshot with 2 Bruins screening LeClaire after Sobotka won a faceoff).

Highlight of the night: Lootch taking Chris Neil to the woodshed. Neil had been taking liberties with Savard throughout the night, so Lootch hunted him down, provoked him during the faceoff (check the stickwork by Lootch between Neil's legs just as the puck is dropped), and opened up his face with some quick punches. Blood covered Neil's face and Lootch kept throwing 'em. The linesmen let the fight go on a bit too long...Neil hung in there, got a few good ones in, but the decision goes to Lootch. Also Thornton took on Carkner in a wrestling match with Thornton getting the takedown/win.

The kids played a fast, inspired game - Marchand, Sobotka (looking like the Sobotka of 2007), Lovecchio, etc. I think we should start planning the parade route for the Calder Cup celebration...

Thomas was solid as usual - made about 3 to 5 of his trademark sprawling saves - the kind of shit that makes goaltending coaches cringe and fans go berserk. The B's took awhile to catch fire, not registering their first shot until about 15 minutes had expired in the first period, so Thomas had to withstand that intial offensive push.

Andy Wozniewski had a bad game - I counted 4 giveaways alone in the 1st two periods. Ottawa had their best players out there, and the Bruins did not roll out Wheels, Bergeron, Sturm, Krejci, Recchi, Wideman. If this was the actual season, I'd say the Bruins would have won this game 9-1.

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