Monday, September 28, 2009

"Keep Your Friends Close...

Here we see Hab newcomers (l. to r.) Hal Gill, Michael Cammalleri, Brian Gionta and Travis Moen working on their form.

...but your enemies closer" (Michael Corleone, others)

Here is some Canadiens news:

The Habs are traveling to Ontario to a teen camp for bonding exercises. Very similar to what the Bruins did the previous 2 seasons when they traveled to Vermont to climb ropes and stuff. The Bruins opted out this year because they realize that real bonding happens during line brawls, not climbing ropes and doing trust fall activities.

The Habs pretend to not be concerned about being small. We all know that Hal Gill can't fight (when you're that big - who is going to mess with you? Therefore, you never really learn to brawl. see: NBA fights), so the Habs are hoping Guy Latendresse can pick up the slack, or perhaps douche-in-the-making Matt D'Agostini.

Dave Stubbs (Montreal Gazette) does a puff piece on Hal Gill. Gill is such a tool. Go ahead, read the article about how he got a ridiculous contract, his kid has been picking up the language quickly (didn't get the brains from you Hal, that's fer sure), and how he snubbed the White House for golfing. Bonus: tomorrow's puff piece is on Paul Mara.

Sergei Kostitsyn sent down to the minors.
At some point, that city is going to wake up and see that the Brothers Kostitsyn are overrated.

I was going to post a link to the puff piece on Travis Moen and how the Habs are pinning their championship hopes on his Stanley Cup-winning goal for Anaheim a few years back. But I think we've had enough.

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