Monday, January 24, 2011

10:30pm start time...zzzzz

Yeah, right. No way I'm making it to opening faceoff tonight.
  • B's are ranked #1 in TSN's power rankings today.
  • It's official - Savvy has been diagnosed with a concussion
  • Have you seen this NHL Guardian Project thing? I guess comic book legend guy Stan Lee has taken each of the teams and turned them into some sort of comic book hero based on the mascot and the city. "The Bruin" is wicked smaht and roars really loud. Well, anyway, there's supposed to be some sort of, uh, presentation during the All-Star game where the projections of the characters, uh, save the folks in the arena from something (Bett Man?). I dunno, I read the story all half-assed and can't even form an opinion on it, except it sounds a little goofy though the renderings are somewhat badass. My hope is that the Canadiens super hero is true to form - an undersized diving fop.
  • The Whaler Fan should be drawn as a super villian - a thixotropic mass of whale blubber that hibernates in its mom's basement until it is feeding time, where it slimes up the stairs and feasts/terrorizes towns. Kinda like an acne-ridden T-1000, but made of lard instead of liquid steel.

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