Wednesday, January 12, 2011



"I didn't know they did that in Boston, but apparently they do." - David Amber on "On The Fly" - Ouch - Bruins fans: you've been sonned by David friggin Amber.

I'm not sure which section started the wave, but anyone with season tickets in that section should be called for questioning and perhaps placed on suspension.

All I know is Section 311 did not start it, nor did those of us who know better participate in the pink-hatted-ness.

Kudos to some dude who called in to Dave & Bob on the Sports Hub and complained about the wave.  To which DA quipped: "I guess the good news is that's all there is to complain about tonight."  True.  Nice effort by the B's, but that's no excuse for the wave.


  1. I dunno, I mean...if you're at the game and you're up and you're having a good time...why not?

    Or do you really care that much about how people have fun?

  2. It just says so much about so many things. The "pink hattedness" of some of the B's crowd..Shoot, everyone should have a great time, but that's crazy. Hockey is such a sacred game. Going to an NHL game is so much better than anything else. That buzz when a fight breaks out. Everyone standing and throwing their arms in the air when a goal is scored. The organ, the chants. The screaming at the ref when there's a horrible call. There's no need for the wave. That's gimmicky, and it's a baseball thing. Last year, playoffs, the Tuukka chant after the organ, that's a hockey chant. The "We Want Thornton" when he's got 2 goals and the crowd wants him out their for a 3rd. That's hockey. The hat trick dude, throwing hats on the ice, that's hockey. Not the f'in wave man. That's for baseball, and a pure sign of pink hat nation at the B's games..Great post 311...

  3. I don't have a huge problem with it. Take the win.

  4. Great game, but I have a personal vendetta against the wave at hockey games. Loved the fact that we had two hat trick just knew Patrice was gonna get his real third after they changed the scoring. The Morale Officer said he was gonna get a 4th after his fake 3rd. Can't wait for Philly and Pitt these next few days - time for this team to build some momentum and hopefully no more waves come with it...

  5. The wave was an atrocity towards all things black 'n gold. When it started, Eddie Shore rolled over in his grave and then punched someone's teeth out in disgust.

    What's next, "Sweet Caroline"?

    Brickley opening his own restaurant?

    Flyers game is huge - are the B's really coming together, or will they fail in yet another "statement" game? Is the conference ours, or will we lube ourselves up and lay down for Philly?