Sunday, January 16, 2011

B's Lose

Too many things peeved me yesterday about the B's 3-2 loss to Pittsburgh. I think I have to start taking pills before games so Wheeler's constant suck-ocity doesn't cause me to lash out. Let the irrationality begin:
  • Crotchfruit central. Matinee game vs. a marquee opponent means we get a lot of Sunday drivers out there - folks who've never seen a hockey game who just sit there and buy their crotchfruit every morsel of food available. Today was the 2nd straight game that we had a Row 10 infant. Kid had to be, what, 5 days old? The B's power play drought was older than this kid.
  • Marchand started the game out right, laying out Malkin with a delicious hit at the B's blue line.
  • Matt Cooke with 2 assists. You gotta be shitting me. The fact that this guy still skates around the Garden ice without being killed blows my mind. Boychuk tried to start with him in the 1st period, but in typical Cooke fashion, he ran away. Cooke needs to be lying unconscious and bleeding on the Garden ice like a walleye.
  • Kris Letang starting shit with Krejci after the whistle. You gotta be shitting me. Kris Lefuckingtang? What, now that he's a first-team all-star, Letang now thinks he's got the legs to just randomly start some crap with Krejci - arguably the most docile Bruin on the roster? Someone needs to straighten Letang out. What was his suspension/fine for the hit he did on Spezza....? What further irritated me was during this 1-on-5 scrum at the net, all the B's were skating away for a line change or a new Mary Kay catalog, and Kraytch-bomb is in there all alone, crashing the net, and facing the music from the Pens' d-men. And they wonder why the fans can't get behind this team?
  • Interesting fight between Soupy & Adams. Adams fought well, Soupy finished strong with 3 punches that landed.
  • Bruins power-less play continues as the most pathetic in the league, given a 4-minute power play after Depuis broke Kampfer's nose, no scoring, barely any shots.
  • Asshole sitting in Row 12 complaining that we were standing up during the Soupy/Adams fight. One 311'er pointed out, "you can stand up, too, ya know"
  • Asshole sitting in Row 10 with his "throwback" Crosby jersey on. One of us asked him, "you from Pittsburgh?" He said no, he was from NH but he lived in Pittsburgh for 5 years. What a frontrunner - surely your migration to Shittsburgh and defection to the Penguins was right in time with Crosby's drafting. I wonder if he owns a Pirates jersey? Yeah, probably not. Then he actually started to take offense to folks yelling out that Crosby sucks, etc. Buddy, you come to a game wearing that jersey, complaining about the comments is like complaining about getting wet if you go outside during a rainstorm. Clearly, you invite the comments by wearing the jersey so just lube up, lay down, and take the trash-talk. To be incredulous, to be in disbelief of the comments is to be an attention-whoring shithead. Say what you want about Habs fans, and believe me, I have, but at least they don't cry when they show up at the games wearing their Lyle Odelein jersey and get some trash-talk set their way.
Lyle Odelein. Ugh.
  • Dave Engelland hitting Savard with an elbow and no retaliation at all from the B's. Engelland loves to fight and barely has any other skill, surely someone could have done something about this.
  • Wow, Paille really sucks. He ruins everything he touches. Send him away, bring back Caron for the 4th line. He doesn't have the size & grit for 4th line duty.
  • Seidenberg on the power play. Apparently CLOAD has lost confidence in Boychuk? or something? and now we got Seidenberg thinking he's friggin Nick Lidstrom out there. Then again, 2 assists yesterday. Might be worth a fantasy pickup
  • Savard, lollygagging on the line changes. Puts his stick up and coasts to the bench during on-the-fly line changes. MOVE YOUR FEET, SAVVY.
"What's that make them?" "Lollygaggers."

  • Think there's any team out there that would like to give us a top-4 d-man for Wheeler? I think Seguin's been hanging out with Wheeler too much. Seguin really slacked during yesterday's game, made some dumb, Wheeler-esque passes and decisions. They probably take afternoon naps together, play with Wheeler's dog, and all the other lame hobbies Wheeler does that typifies his lazy, have-no-care, breezy, wuss-like nature. Wheeler's dog is probably some wee dog that sits in his lap while Wheels drives around. Dog probably wears this tiny-ass dog sweater while it still shivers. OR, he's just got some lazy-ass bulldog that just sleeps when it's not eatin' or crappin'...and when confronted by another dog, it just pees down its leg, much like its owner.

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