Saturday, January 22, 2011

B's Pound Nordiques, 6-2

Bruins shook off the jet lag and clobbered the Nordiques this afternoon, 6-2. The B's started out real slow until Soupy decided to take on Kirk McLean. The fight was pretty much average as far as Soup's performance, but it woke up the team and they played really well right after that. Caught a few bounces, etc. but it was all good.
  • Wheeler seemed to not play bad today. They should just rotate shitty-playing forwards with Thornton & Soupy so they can re-educate on how to play in the corners.
  • Marchand continues to make everyone around him play better. 2 goals, 2 assists, +4 for Marchand today. Set up Recchi with a gorgeous pass, faking out everyone around, Recchi put it in an empty net.
  • Lootch coming alive, scored 2 goals today. Hasn't fought in awhile, I think someone's gotta pay one of these days.
  • Jeez, Adam Foote still plays. For some reason, that franchise likes to have this vestige from the days of Le Colisee chugging around the ice.

Adam Foote, waaaay back before he was washed up.
  • I'm really sick of Cumby's throttling of the gas pumps.
  • Mahk S'vahd got hit by old friend Matt Hunwick during the game - shoulder to the head, head to the boards/dasher. Savvy looked like he was in some serious pain, didn't return. What's his damage, why can't he avoid getting his head in the way? Might be time for a visor.
  • Peter Forsberg. YEAH RIGHT.

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