Friday, January 7, 2011

More Horrible

Last night the B's gave an inconsistent effort en route to a 3-1 loss to the Wild. They simply could not find their way past them and Theodore had a relatively easy night.
  • Goal by Kampfer. Seemed really excited about scoring, tried to high five the crowd through the glass. We also thought Hunwick was pretty good when he first came up, too.
  • Assist to Savard on the Cal Clutterbuck go-ahead goal.
  • Wicked retarded call on Thornton there - Burns there, he loses an edge about 3 seconds after Thornton lightly hooks him, falls all the way down, ref waits a couple beats, then calls the penalty. Havlat scores a millisecond later. pure bullshit.
  • Ryder needs to be lit on fire.
  • Some Minnesota fans were causing some static last night. Folks inquired about the Vikings' season in retaliation. Eventually the cops came and got the Minny folks to settle down
  • Saw a Paille #20 jersey last night. whoa. That's almost like the time I saw an Alexei Zhamnov jersey a few years back. "hey, this guy, he's got a broken ankle, but he's gonna be good - I think I'll get his jersey" I bet that guy has a Brad Isbister jersey, too. Honestly, I can't stop talking about seeing a Zhamnov jersey - that's just messed up.
  • Holy shit, what a collapse by the Hoser in the World Juniors, ay? I fell asleep when the game was at 3-0, the gamed looked like it was the bag for the Hosers, and the Russkies scored 5 straight times to win it. Then they partied so hard they couldn't get on the plane to head home.

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