Monday, June 22, 2009

Boston Sports Fans...From Row 12

Couldn't agree more with the Mayor on parts of his last argument. Hockey fans are undoubtedly the greatest fans of any sport in this town. He's also correct in his statement that the Winter Classic, if awarded to the Bruins should not be held at Fenway.

Fenway Park is a majestic facility where childhood dreams are made and come true every summer. It is certainly out dated and cramped. The ownership group of the Red Sox has done wonders restoring and improving the park and I commend them for it. However, winter as the Mayor states, is a problem. The Mayor may be a big guy, but almost everyone now-a-days is a big guy compared to when they built the place in 1912 and when rebuilt after the fire in 1926. I haven't been to a Red Sox game since Marathon Monday 2005 for the lack of necessary comfort that is needed for a 2 and 1/2 hour game (Never mind if Dice-K is pitching, I might have to be backboarded out of the place).

This though is the portion where I disagree with Mr. Mayor. Gillette Stadium? Really? Remember this is coming from a guy who lives 4 exits north on I-495 from Gillette, a 12.8 mile drive door to door. Gillette is HUGE. Ever been to the 300 sections? It's like watching football from the Mir Space Station. You need binoculars to see the 6 foot long numbers on the field. And take a guess where our seats might be for that game. If you're thinking "No No they wouldn't possibly do that to the season ticket holders", you're dead wrong. They're going to sit us in the furthest possible seats as to ramp the prices of anything that closely resembles approaching being in the Earth's atmosphere. They would probably offer an upgrade to a limited number of season ticket holders for three times our face value. A hockey rink is roughly one third to one half the size of the football field (17,000 sq ft to 45,000). Looking for a 3" in diameter disc. Good luck seeing that from God's living room. So I have three nominees for consideration to replace Gillette.

#1 - Nickerson Field, Boston University. I needed 3 nominees, 2 just sounded stupid. Nickerson still holds 21,000 Terrier faithful (to field hockey or soccer I guess?). It doesn't get used for much anymore I don't think and it's within the city limits. So why not?

#2 - Alumni Stadium, Boston College. A capacity for 44,500. No worries about parking, easy MBTA access, Immaculate facility. They know what they're doing in Chestnut Hill, BCPD can handle an event this size, so can the EMS (cough cough). The only problem I foresee is that BC usually puts up a Bubble on the field during the winter for practices and so forth. If the NHL/Bruins gave them enough of an incentive, the money hungry Catholics just might take them up on it.

#3 - Harvard Stadium, Harvard University. A near Gillette capacity, 57,166. Concrete seats, not individualized. So what, it's a beautiful place, 5 miles from the Garden. Can't see why they wouldn't have it here. It's my #1 pick. 95% says if the Bruins get the game, it'll be at Fenway whether we like it or not. Gillette is not a bad alternative, I just think the remote location and over all giganticness of the Kraft's pad is too much for the B's faithful. I'm sticking with Harvard for the proximity, history, and just for the hell of it. Because someones gotta argue with the mayor, right?

As Always, Let's Go the Bruins...

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