Monday, June 29, 2009

My Lawn Has Never Been Greener

I just mowed my lawn. The yard smells like I just slaughtered the Jolly Green Giant.

A few comments about the NHL Draft:

How lame was TSN's choreography of this one? Brian Burke, mic'd up? Did TSN (which is Toronto-centric) do this just to pique the interest of a lagging Maple Laff fanbase? And when they delivered the goods, it was Burke mumbling something to some GM somewhere about how someone tried to hose him out of Luke Schenn.

Also, note that there was not one MENTION of the Bruins throughtout the telecast of the draft until about 10:15pm. Best team in the league last year, with awards won by 4 people, and nothing. I didn't even see them in the background of any shots - just a whole bunch of NY Rangers and NY Islanders. (Seriously, are there any Rangers fans left?) And I was really curious to see if Peter Chiarelli had parlayed my season ticket payments into a new pair of hipster-framed glasses.

Here hopes that ex-Bruin and current Harvard Crimson hockey coach Ted Donato tortures Montreal Canadiens' 1st-round pick Louis LeBlanc so he quits. Surely Harvard alums Don Sweeney and Peter Chiarelli can make this happen.

While watching the draft, I noted that other teams' GMs would say hello to the fans gathered at some team-sponsored party at a local watering hole. I don't think the Bruins hosted any party, did they? WTF?

Garth Snow & the New York Islanders, trading something like 3 or 4 picks to the Wild, just to move up, what, 4 spots? I think that's an even bigger WTF.

The Flyers, with the addition of Pronger, got 150% douchier.

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