Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bitz, Begin, and Boychuk

Section 311's hero will be back in the black and gold this fall. Jubilation - love his work ethic - ecstatic that his goal in game 7 won't be the last he scores here in Boston. This is fantastic. What is not fantastic is the fact the Bruins never release contract information. We still don't know what the cap hit is going to be.
The Bruins also went out and got Steve Begin. This year's version of Yelle signed for only $850K. He knows how to butter this Bruins fan up - quoth Begin: "In all those years I played against Boston in the playoffs, a lot of things happened. I'm going to be on the right side now." Attaboy Steve. Do us a favor and exact some revenge on that team of diving midgets - the newest members of the diving dwarves include the overpaid tandem of Scotty Gomez and Brian Gionta. The Bruins have Marc Savard, David Krejci, and Marco Sturm for a slightly smaller combined salary hit than those two fidgets - who would you rather have? Dark days in Montreal.
Let's just guess that Bitz signed for around $1M. This would mean the B's have about $5M to sign one forward and one defenseman (Kessel and Hunwick)to fill a roster. This is not going to be enough. Mike Cammelleri got $6M and had 3 more goals than Kessel. This is just one of many deals today that proves he is worth more than the $3.75M Krejci got on the open market. They'll have to unload some salary to bring both Hunwick and Kessel back - there's just no getting around it. Trade Kobasew, bring up Sobotka, and sign Kessel is one scenario in which they might squeeze under the cap.
In other news, Johnny Boychuk signed a one-year deal. This likely will have nothing to do with the cap since he will probably start in Providence and provide depth.
We want Bitz! We got Bitz.

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