Monday, July 20, 2009

Bruins make it 3

Oct 12, 1995 Sharks @ Bruins

The Fish stopped by the Fleet this morning to take on our boys, or did they. Certainly looked like both teams missed the bus to the arena as not a single thing happened in the first period. Seriously nothing. The second opened with a bang, which was Cam Neely's body crashing mightily into Craig Janney's (yeah remember that guy?). Well Janney went down and out for the game and Neely served his 2 for the rough. Neely fresh out of the box gets to come back to a powerplay and immediately sets up Adam Oates for the 1-0 lead with 2:46 remaining. A minute and ten seconds later the B's made it 2-0 as Oates struck again from Donato and Lacher. One minute and twelve seconds later, Shawn McEachern decided 3-0 looked better on the big board (from Jozef Stumpel and Joe Mullen). The first half of the third was like the first, booooring. Until Alexei Kasatonov decided to come out from his cave and trip Viktor Koslov. Koslov got his penalty shot and Lacher stacked the pads to deny the Sharks their only chance to get back in the game. The very next shift Steve Heinze got in on the fun with a pretty rebound from Elik and Stevens. Game over, Bruins 4 Sharks 0. Lacher's first goose egg of the year with 35 glorious saves. Oates, McEachern and Heinze the Three Stars. Also of note, Kevin Stevens did not fight anyone. It's almost unheard of at this point.

October 14th Mighty Ducks @ Bruins

Almost forgot they were called the Mighty Ducks somehow. No triple dekes, no knucklepucks in this one. All Bruins. We'll jump to the second period again. Kevin Stevens opens the scoring from McEachern and Elik. Then in his first game Marc Potvin figures if they keep playing Stevens, I might as well go Brock Lesnar on someone. Joe Sacco is the poor sap who is beaten in 5 blows. It looked like the Tyson-McNeely fight. McEachern then makes it 2-0 with an unassisted tally. Ducks make the lead one shortly after as LeBeau sneaks one past assisted by Tverdovsky. No need to fear though, Ted Donato gets the 2 goal lead back 14 seconds later assisted by Adam Oates. Tverdovsky strikes again to open the third, but 33 seconds later Stevens gets the 2 goal lead back from Gruden and Elik. The B's never looked back as scores from Joe Mullen and Ted Donato locked this one up at 6-2 Bruins. Donato, Stevens, and McEachern are your Three Stars.

Tomorrow is 68 days to go! Maybe a tilt in the a.m.

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