Sunday, July 26, 2009

'95-'96 Bruins Beatdown Western Conference Foes

Sorry I haven't updated in a few days, been kinda busy, work, weddings, road trips and stuff. So here's just a snapshot at what happened earlier this week (kinda short recaps as it is not fresh in my mind).

Oct 15th Kings @ Bruins

Gretzky and Co. stopped by the Fleet looking to take first place in the Pacific division. Unfortunately for the Kings, Cam Neely is healthy. That's all the B's needed. Weird side note, Kevin Stevens of course got into it, but this time with an opponent that will later be come very familiar. Rick Tocchet didn't stand a chance, but we'll see if they meet again sometime.

1st Period
BOS- 4:20 Cam Neely unassisted
2nd Period
LA-1:30 Granato assisted by Kurri and Hrudey
BOS- 2:37 John Rohloff assisted by Heinze
Fight- 2:47 Stevens def. Tocchet
BOS- 3:09 Shawn McEachern unassisted
BOS- 7:20 Joe Mullen unassisted
3rd Period
BOS- 4:35 Neely assisted by Kasatonov and Lacher
BOS- 9:26 Neely assisted by Gruden and Lacher

Neely, Mullen, and McEachern are the three stars in the 6-1 win.

October 17th The Washington Capitals trade Defenseman Igor Ulanov for a 3rd round draft pick from the Chicago Blackhawks.

October 19th Canucks @ Bruins

The Pacific division leading Cauncks were next to face the Bruins wrath and it was a pretty good back and forth hockey game.

1st Period
VAN- 1:22 Jeff Brown assisted by Bure
BOS- 3:45 Ray Bourque assisted by Stevens (Sweet give and go play)
2nd Period
BOS- 1:43 Shawn McEachern unassisted.
BOS- 5:07 Bourque assisted by Neely and Stevens
3rd Period
BOS- 0:39 Adam Oates assisted by Lacher
Fight- Stevens def. Dan Murzyn (WHO???)
BOS- 6:01 Todd Elik assisted by Kasatonov

Bourque, Stevens and Jeff Brown are the three stars, B's win 5-1. Better game than the score represents.

October 21st Oilers @ Bruins.

The Oilers came to town next with high hopes, but were just lucky to get out alive. A weird sequence in the second half in the first had Bourque, Stevens, and Neely all get double minors for roughing in the same minute. A 5-3 on three penalty until very late in the 1st allowed me Oates, Sweeney, Kasatonov, and Gruden for the kill. This almost feels like redemption for the Stanley Cup Finals losses. Hey, I said almost, I haven't really lost my mind.

1st Period
BOS- 1:27 Adam Oates assisted by Stevens and D. Sweeney
BOS- 4:03 Ray Bourque assited by Lacher
2nd Period
BOS- 6:03 Oates unassisted.
Fight- 6:13 John Rohloff defeats Jason Arnott
BOS- 6:50 Marc Potvin assisted by Lacher
BOS- 8:35 Todd Elik from Kasatonov and Lacher
BOS- 8:56 Shawn McEachern from Lacher
3rd Period
BOS- 1:04 Oates unassisted (Hat Trick)
BOS- 4:45 Joe Mullen from Lacher and Zombo
BOS- 5:06 Don Sweeney from Stevens
EDM- 8:48 Oliver unassisted

Oates, Sweeney, Stevens are your three stars in the 9-1 Bruins win. Funny story, I was outshot again 40-33.

League Update through 10 games (Bruins 8-2).

Division Leaders: Pacific- Vancouver, Central- Detroit, Atlantic- Washington, Northeast- Boston

Goals- 9 Paul Coffey DET. Tied for 3rd are Oates and McEachern with 7 each.
Assists- 14 Michael Pivonka WAS.
Points- 20 Paul Coffey DET.
GAA- 1.00 Mike Vernon DET. Lacher in 4th with a 1.40.

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