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Boston Makes It 8 In A Row

October 22, 1995 Flames @ Bruins

Let's hear it one more time (because we're so used to it at this point), nothing happens in the first period. I think I've figured out that if I don't play for awhile it takes about one period for me to get used to the game again. Then the flood gates open in the second and third. Actually we had a little injury action as Alexei Kasatonov gets railed by Trent Yawney and we lose him for the period. Now I've seen someone injured for multiple games yet it hasn't happened to our boys yet (fingers crossed).

Jumping to the second period, off the face off to open the second, Kevin Stevens gets into his comfort zone by pounding the bejesus out of Gary Roberts. Thank the good lord there is no instigator rule in the game, Stevens is pretty hot right now. The game does 4 on 4 for matching fighting penalties, which baffles me to no end. Also I believe this is some of the reason Neely doesn't produce more. Neely is a right winger and when it's 4 on 4 they send the left winger and the center for all lines. Makes no sense, and pisses me off a little. Might just have to play Cam at left for a while. After some 4 on 4, Marc Potvin checks in with a tally from Stevens fresh out of the box and Lacher. Potvin in his 3rd game of the season now has 2 goals and a fight, not bad for the worst rated player on the team. Exactly one minute later Stevens continues the hot streak with a goal assisted by Bourque and Lacher. (Another thing that grinds my gears. The game doesn't tally goalie's points. I'm fairly certain Lacher would be the points leader if this were so.) Two minutes after that score, the B's get another big opportunity. Theo Fluery decides to trip Todd Elik whilst on a breakaway. This game with it's affection for the penalty shot gives Elik the chance and he burys the thing on Tabbaraci. My first penalty shot goal, I was thrilled to say the least.

Defensive hockey from here on out for the B's. However it broke down and we blew the shutout again as Gary Roberts netted one at 7:55 of the 3rd. The B's closed out the 3-1 win with Stevens, Roberts and Potvin as your three stars. Outshot again 39-34 by the Flames.

League News:

Detroit traded Ray Sheppard to the San Jose Sharks for Igor Larionov and a conditional pick.

Also, Quebec (Colorado) traded Owen Nolan to the Sharks for defenseman Sandis Ozolinsh.

October 27, 1995 Bruins @ Montreal

The B's kick off a 4 game road trip for the first time it seems like in forever. We visit the Habs for some revenge from that 1-0 home opening loss. The first period provided some results this time at 5:20 in Todd Elik, who seems to be on a little hot streak of his own, drills one home assisted by McEachern and Kasatonov. Exactly nine seconds later Steve Leach gets on the board for the first time this season assisted by Jozef Stumpel.

Not much from the second period this time, only Lyle Odelein being Lyle Odelein. John Rohloff decided enough was enough I guess. Rohloff tuned up Odelein in a long bout. Odelein is a monumental d-bag but I will give him credit for his ability to take a punch.

More defensive minded hockey for the B's in the 3rd period. Teddy Donato did extend the lead to three late in the third with an unassisted blast from the blue line. The boys held onto this shutout for Blaine who made 42 saves in the contest. Donato, Elik and Leach are you stars of the game.

On a real Bruins note I'd just like to add that I personally am going to miss the hell out of P.J. Axelsson. Never an All-Star, never an award for the guy. But dammit he was reliable, consistent, and a first class gentleman. I hope he does very well in his home country and maybe we'll get to see him come Olympics time. That'll probably be the last guy we'll ever see begin and end his NHL career with the Bruins and I'm thrilled that I got to see him play. (P.S. Derek Morris, wtf?)

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