Friday, July 17, 2009

95-96 B's Roll Through Canadian Foes

October 4, 1995 Senators @ Bruins

The Ottawa Senators stopped into the FleetCenter for a tilt with our boys. Still trying to get the hang of the game in general, I was actually afraid of this one after the debacle for a home opener. A stalemate through the first until Kevin Stevens (of all people) put the Bruins on the board for the game and the season with a nifty rush with assists from Oates and Neely. The Sens pulled right back into the game just a few minutes later with a tally from Alexander Daigle. The first ended without too much fanfare but the second was something to see.

As I began the second period, I stated to my brother "I never did like going this way on the screen" as for home games you travel upwards on screen twice and downwards once. I never did well in the latter situation (and yes I just totally avoided all "going down" jokes, dirty dirty people). So take one guess how that turned out. Four Bruins goals in the second. I honestly didn't track who or when, because I was just so damn excited I scored everytime. The Sens came back with one, totally my fault, no blame to Blaine. Kevin Stevens also extended his winning streak to two in a hard fought bout with Randy Cunneyworth.

The third saw a futlie attempt of the Sens to get back into the game. With a good lead, we went for Don Beaupre's blood. Two more B's tallies, again not sure who, but did notice on the second to last that Lacher registered his 4th assist of the night. Locked up the 7-2 blow-out and starting to feel good about that promise. Out shot 39-38, out hit them 27-12, and Oates, Stevens, Neely took home the stars.

October 6, 1995 Bruins @ Nordiques

Not until later NHL series editions could you create teams. So we're stuck with the Nordiques in the division instead of the Avalanche in the West. Oh well, I'm on fire right now after netting 7 against the Sens right? Wrong. Forgot the nucleus of this team is the same that goes on to win the real Stanley Cup (minus Patrick Roy). Tough contest, and the 'Diques strike early in the first, Sakic from Forsberg and Fiset. "Crap" is pretty much all I've got at this point. I shuffled up some lines at the beginning of the game to get Leach and Reid some ice time, may have picked the wrong time to do so.

The first (after the Quebec goal) and second period were pretty much the same, defensivly stellar performances on both teams part. Couple hooks and trips for each side, nothing doing for either PP.

The third period was an absolute thriller. Alexei Kasatonov goes for a hook in the first 2 minutes. Penalty killed no problem, Bourque is the ultimate in that particular area. Kasatonov comes out of the box, Quebec changes, and Sweeney hits him streaking to the net, Kasatonov tries a backhanded stuff, runs into Fiset, INTERFERENCE!!! I was livid. Almost sat him, except the next shift I lost John Gruden for the period. Then the streak goes to 3-0. Kevin Stevens pounds the living fecal matter out of Wendell Clark. This fired up the boys (me and my brother) and led to a 5 minute barrage which garnered (yes Jon that's for you) no results. I played the 1st line with about 1:45 remaining, still down 1-0. Dog tired at the next stoppage a minute or so later, I reluctantly put in the 2nd unit. Well wouldn't you know good ol' McEachern gets a breakaway and nets the tying goal with 29 ticks left. Total pandemonium in the living room. We take her to OT and McEachern gets another solo shot on Fiset right off the faceoff, stoned cold. Unfortunatly for Fiset and the rest of the 'Dique crew, Teddy Donato cleaned up the rebound and sent us on our way with an amazing comeback victory. Nordiques came with 39 shots to the B's 29 but the physical B's went 36-16 in hits. Donato 1st star and McEachern 3rd.

Stay tuned for this weekend

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