Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Living in the past

A solemn promise from Row 12,

I personally (with a little help) will secure and deliver the Stanley Cup Championship for our very own Boston Bruins by the time the pucks drops on the 2009-10 NHL regular season. How could I possibly do this you might ask? Well I’m going to need some names such as Bourque, Neely, and Oates to accomplish this task. I am also not the first person to achieve this feat; however I may be one of the last. It’ll only take a TV, Sega Genesis, and way too much free time.

The ’95-96 season was a special event. The Bruins opened a new year in a new arena with Hall of Famers, All-Stars, Middle of the Road guys, Hot Prospects, Horrible flops, and just straight up Bums. They also hosted the All-Star game in which the Captain took home the MVP in a stellar performance. The B’s finished 5th in the Eastern Conference regular season with a record of 40-31-11 (remember ties, ugh, the Mayor might just jump the balcony if he witnessed another). They were ousted by the eventual Eastern Conference Champion Florida Panthers (sickening, I know) in just 5 games. Ray Bourque had the most productive year of his last 5 in Boston (20-62-82 +31 totals) playing in every single contest. Adam Oates had another fine year (25-67-92 +16 totals) leading the offense. The B’s faithful also had their hopes high, but then as always, were crushed mightily. Goaltender Blaine Lacher had a hopeful second half of ’94-95 and looked like the goalie of the future, but sputtered to a 3-5-2 record with a GAA of 3.93. It was also the last time we saw Cam Neely in the lineup. He only played 49 games (26-20-46 +3) and was just a shadow of his former dominant self.

This summer the 1995-96 Boston Bruins will come alive on my television (paired with my Sega Genesis) and your computer as well. I will attempt to create Harry Sinden’s wet dream with the arrival of the cup on my TV screen, he won’t see it but I’d really rather have it that way. My quest to get Cam the Cup, in his final year, on his last legs, will be completed. Stay tuned for game recaps, league updates, special commentary, guest “coaches” (anyone have Steve Kasper’s phone number, he just might come over and play a game or two). It’ll be a fun way to waste the summer away and get back to the fall ready for some real Boston Bruins hockey.

Did I mention this is the year they brought back fighting into the NHL series? Oh yeah, Kevin Stevens may just stay on the roster a little longer for that, and I might not let him fight back. Ever.

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