Monday, July 20, 2009

Phil the Thrill

KPD is saying the Bruins are not close to a deal with Kessel and says there are a few ways this can go:

1. He signs a one year deal
2. He signs a deal similar to Krejci’s
3. He waits for an offer sheet to come in
4. He refuses to play and requests a trade or holds out

What KPD fails to mention is the possibility of a trade during the offseason here. There are rumors out there that teams are interested in trading for him, this one in particular says that Chiarelli may have an offer that he can’t refuse Godfather style. If they do trade him, that would be in stark contrast to what Chiarelli told Kathryn Tappen here. This little interview looks like a good player relations move more than anything. They don’t want Phil to believe the rumors out there and start to think he isn’t valued or liked here in Boston.

My opinion on all of this is that Chiarelli has most of it figured out, but has to wait because of Hunwick. Matt Hunwick might be the domino. Chiarelli could be waiting for Matt Hunwick’s cap number to be finalized before he moves forward with Kessel. This would then allow the Bruins to sign Kessel right up to the cap OR trade Chuck Kobasew to make more room for Kessel OR trade Kessel presumably for help on the blueline. Kessel is going to want $5M. Apparently his best buddy on the team is Krejci. If only he would sign a contract like Krejci did. However, after watching what happened to the Bruins against Carolina last season, I would have no problem waving goodbye to Kessel to get something back of quality for the blueline. Let’s just hope that option #4 doesn’t happen.

For some more discussion of this, you can go here and read Jimmy Murphy’s thoughts. Jimmy Murphy is well known to Section 311 and especially the Mayor. Before Game 7 against Carolina Jimmy was at Sully’s tap looking for someone to go on a Montreal sports talk show. He overheard us talking and asked if one of us would do it – we all pointed at the Mayor and he ended up on Montreal radio mostly taking shots at the Habs for their quick exit the round before. I think this was before the Wild Turkey shots so he did quite well.

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