Saturday, July 18, 2009

Winter Classic and stuff.

The Winter Classic will be held in Boston on January 1st. For all you folks looking for tickets, be prepared to PAY UP, either to Ticketbastard, or the The Official Ticket Scalper of the Boston Red Sox, Ace Ticket. Us season ticket holders have been offered 1 seat each. Note that Flyers fans are getting the same deal. I'm willing to bet the Sox luxury box owners will also get some love. Personally, I'm against the idea of playing the game at Fenway (should be Harvard Stadium). Consider how uncomfortable the Fenway seats are in summer. Now put on your winter clothes and sit in those skinny seats in Grandstand Section 4. (Does Fenway also have to be retrofitted for its plumbing to work in winter?) Consider the height of the boards and the height of the glass - the only good seat for this event will be along the baselines, elevated somewhat, but not under the overhang. It's kind of like a NASCAR race - the closer you are, the kind-of more it may suck. But, of course, it's all about the event and "just being there". I'm ambivalent. But for all my whining, I'm still going, so I'll shut my pie-hole for now. OH, and we should be playing the Habs, not the Flyers.

Douche-alev signs with the Sens, so we just may yet see the laziest front three on the planet (Spezza, Heatley, Crap-alev) grace our lives with their presence. I project that their combined plus/minus next season will be around -80. As I pondered in my fantasy hockey league sometime last season - which would you rather have drive you home after a night of partying - Ted Kennedy or Dany Heatley? (okay, this is probably where I'll get sued.)

Habs signed local boy (Belmont, MA) Paul Mara. What is it with the locals joining up with the enemy? So for those of you, all 8 of you, who dreamt of an all-Massachusetts defensive pair suck-fest, it just may come to fruition in about 75 days.

Former Bruins d-man/lug Andrew Alberts has signed on with the Whale.

Anytime a Canadien bleeds, it's a good thing. Stan Jonathan turns some poor sap's face into a serving of bloody lo mein. Yeah, that's Fred Cusick with the call.

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