Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Make That 12 In A Row

I left out #11 in the last post. Ran out of time this morning. So here's that recap with another from late this afternoon.

November 5, 1995 Bruins @ Blackhawks

The action started early as Kevin Stevens got to work hammering Joe Murphy and rendering him useless for 3 games. (The game just gives J. Murphy when the injury occured. I had to go check to make sure it wasn't our goateed friend from the infamous Montreal Radio Show incident at Sully's during the playoffs.) A great first period ensued with many chances for both teams. The B's cashed in first with Dave Reid netting his first of the year, from Leach and Potvin, half way through the first.

Bernie Nicholls then struck for the Hawks to tie it up (unassisted) early in the 2nd period. Bob Probert then bit off a little more than he could chew when Marc Potvin eeked out the win in a looooong long bout. (P.S. haven't lost a fight yet in this game). B's then proceed to get a powerplay, not sure who or how, but of course proceed to blow it by letting in a shorty from Steve Smith. Tony Amonte then extended the Hawks lead to 3-1 unassited with just 47 seconds left in the 2nd.

To open the third, Lacher continued his leaky ways by allowing a Sergei Krivokrasv slapper by to make it a 4-1 Chicago lead. A minute and a half later the checking line had seen enough. Dave Reid produces again with a backhander to beat Eddie Belfour, from Rohloff and Zombo. 40 seconds later Todd Elik chips in to slim the lead to one (assisted by Oates). Oates then ties it up at 4, returning the favor on the assist was Mr. Elik. In a strange sequnence Alexei Kasatonov and Don Sweeney both injure Tony Amonte and Steve Smith for 3 games respectively. Three Hawks gone for three games by three different Bruins. With just 1:45 remaining the Bruins conjure up some more 3rd line magic as Marc Potvin drills the go ahead goal past Belfour. However 40 seconds later Chris Chelios ties up the game for good. An uneventful overtime leads to the first Bruins tie of the season. Oates, Reid, and Potvin are the three stars. Outshot one more time 48-30.

League News: St. Louis trades Pat Jablonski to Montreal for J.J. Daigneault.

November 7, 1995 Senators @ Bruins

So I figured Blaine Lacher has played 19 games in a row at this point and his last two games he's let in 9 goals. Not like the typical Lacher we've seen so far, unless the game knows how the wheels come off in reality. So playing a 3-12-2 team at home I decided to give Lacher a rest and go with good ol' Vincent Riendeau. Two early goals from Don Sweeney and Ray Bourque made it look like this was going to be a piece of cake. More like a piece of caked dog crap. The Sens crawled back into this one with a penalty shot goal and a beautiful one timer from Tom Chorske and Sean Hill respectively. Kevin Stevens got his record to 10-0 in the mean time by defeating Stan Neckar in easy fashion. The boys came back in the third with Bourque's second and a Stevens tally to squeeze out the 4-2 win. Bourque, Stevens and Chorske are the stars.

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