Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Draft Preview...From the Minnesota Kid

2009 Draft Preview

Round 1 – Pick #25
Speculation in today’s Globe is that they may move up to target a local kid. I don’t believe it for a second. Apparently KPD thinks Mike O’Connell is still the Bruins GM. Next he’ll report that the Bruins are going to trade their first rounder to acquire the services of Tommy Fitzgerald behind the bench. These are Chiarelli’s Bruins. Come on. My guess is, if they trade up, it would be for a D-man.

Round 2 – No Pick
This pick was given to the Islanders conditionally for Petteri Nokelainen. Eventually Nokes turned into Steve “Punching Bag” Montador. Though this was mildly entertaining in section 311, I’d rather have this 2nd round pick in the draft. If Nokelainen eventually blossoms into something more than a grinding 4th liner I’ll be proved wrong for the 897th time. I said good riddance at the deadline and I still don’t regret losing Nokes.

Round 3 – Pick #86

Round 4 – Pick #112
This pick was acquired from Philly for Andrew Alberts. Everyone was heaping praise on Philly for making this deal. He might have been a fit for them, but i don’t think he was going to work out in the spoked ‘B’. I hate to say it too because he’s a Minnesota boy.

Round 4 – No Pick
This pick went to the Wild as a leftover of the Manny Fernandez deal. Manny, we hardly knew ya.

Round 5 – No Pick
This pick went to the Coyotes for Alex Auld. It ended up in the Sens hands for the draft.

Round 6 – Pick #175

Round 7 – Pick #205
The Bruins only have 5 draft picks – maybe they’ll move someone to free up some cap room and acquire some more picks/prospects or move up.

Here’s hoping that the Savard rumors aren’t true. I love watching him pass the puck – especially up in the nosebleeds where we sit. I still think Kobasew may be moved to free up cap room. We’ll know a lot more this weekend.

Note to Chiarelli: extend Stuart and Looch now instead of waiting until next year – and use Blake Wheeler for trade bait!!!

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