Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Todays Unrestricted Free Agent of the Day...Steve "The Punching Bag" Montador

Here's a look back to the regular season...

After we ended up with "Monty" after the trade deadline, the boys in 311 started learning some things about him.

#1- At any given moment he thought he was Bobby Orr.

#2- He was not afraid to stop pucks with his face, or punches for that matter.

#3- Although always willing, he just couldn't fight. He was HORRIBLE.

So after a few drinks, and some interesting research. We decided to try and determine his lifetime record in fights. Here goes...

According to hockeyfights.com

10/17/08: loses to Joe Thornton
11/5/08: loses to Cam Janssen
11/21/08: loses to Brad Winchester
11/22/08: loses to Steve Ott
12/1/08: loses to Cammi Granato
12/10/08: beats B.J. Crombeen in a lame fight: http://www.hockeyfights.com/fights/52648
12/16/08: loses to Aaron Voros
1/2/09: loses to Josh Gratton
1/17/09: loses to Owen Nolan (age: 52)
1/31/09: loses to Cody McLeod (McLeod has only 1 arm)
2/2/09: loses to Craig Rivet
2/7/09: loses to Cory Sarich. Actually, no winner declared, but let's just assume he lost.
3/28/09: loses to Luke Schenn (age: 16)
3/29/09: loses to Dan Carcillo
11/2/07: loses to Adam Mair
1/3/08: loses to Tim Jackman
1/15/08: loses to Manon Rheaume
1/13/08: loses to Ian Laperriere (actually, it's a draw, but it's more fun if he loses)
2/21/08: loses to JEREMY REICH. The Mayor seen screaming his head off in the background of the youtube clip. (note to reader- Reich will always be loved by the Mayor after the dreadful post lockout season. Including a letter written to Jacobs that Reicher was the only one with heart on the entire Bruins team)
3/8/08: loses to Chris Thorburn. I kid you not, he lost all 9 fights in '06-'07 season .
1 fight in '05-'06, no details.
Won 2 out of 8 fights in '03-'04.
One of those fight wins was against Wayne Primeau.
10 fights in '02-'03. no decisions given, but let me summarize them up according to the pattern seen above: "Montador gets the piss beaten out of him. Linesman steps in to save his ass."
1 fight in '01-'02. Dave Scatchard.
Also took on Brad Isbista in the preseason.
This guy loves to get beaten up by Bruins has-beens.
Anyone who was 6' 4", could walk & chew gum at the same time was signed to multi-million, multi-year deals...then shipped out when it was discovered what hacks they were. Evgeni Ryabchikov.

This puts Monty's career record at approximately 3-42-0.

With this data at end, and Monty's uncanny ability to try and be the great #4, let's just say a signing in the offseason by the B's is unlikely.

But hey-stranger things have happened...

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  1. I thought the Cammi Granato was a draw to be fair to the guy...