Monday, June 22, 2009

Hockey Fans Vs. Baseball Fans (and winter classic)..From the Mayor...

So the other night myself and another unnamed 311 cronie take in the Red Sox game at Fenway. The 500th consecutive sellout. Great time. However, we made a startling observation which shows again why hockey fans are the most intelligent/greatest fans in sports.

So you are at the Garden for a B's game. You've had a couple cold ones. Nature calls. The whistle sounds, you look down to the TV timeout light. It goes on. You book it to the bathroom with all the other fans and book it back. You don't miss a play.

Now you are at Fenway. Inning ends. People leisurely stroll to the bathroom, no urgency. You are stuck behind them. You get back. You've missed an inning and a half. God forbid you grab a beer, you are in it for the long haul. Not to mention, I am convinced that people who make a serious effort to get sauced at the Sox games, miss 7 innings of the game. Someone prove me wrong. At a B's game, you can get a highball, beer, hot dog and go the bathroom, and not miss a thing. If you go to the right lines at the right time...

Back to the Winter Classic. I love the Bruins. Fenway is historic. Fenway is memorable. Fenway is nostalgic. Etc. However, somebody explain to me how 39,000 fans, outfitted in 12 layers of clothing to beat the January 1st cold, are going to fit in those seats? I"m a pretty big guy. For a Sox game at Fenway, with other normal sized people in your row, you can't fit. It's uncomfortable. Even if you love Fenway, you have to admit that.

And 39,000 fans in Foxboro style gear are going to fit in those seats? Get real.

Not to mention. No tailgating at Fenway. Enough said.

You can all disagree with me. But the Winter Classic should be at Foxboro, not Fenway.

Go B's.

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