Tuesday, February 2, 2010

B's/Caps...The Vegas Take

Let me start by saying that I don't give the B's a lot of hope in this game. Basically, based on past performances. The last two games were a bit of an improvement, but we still can't put the puck in the net, or win. So, my gut says we are losing AGAIN to the great #8 and the Caps.

However, Vegas really surprised me with the odds for tonight's game.

The Caps are a 1.5 goal favorite, and -145 on the money line.
The B's are + 125.
Over/Under is 6.

For all you non degenerates, what this means is that if you bet 100 dollars on the B's, and they win, you'd win $125. You'd have to bet $145 to win $100 on the Caps. Over/Under pick whether you think it will be over 6 goals (total) or under.

Either way, I absolutely thought the B's money line for this tilt would be over +150. Personal opinion, of course. Giving the B's not much of a chance to win this one against the top team in the East. Getting 125 back on a 100 dollar investment in this one, just doesn't seem worth it, since the B's probably won't win.

Good News- As we all know Vegas is rarely wrong, and I'm always wrong. So, what does this all mean? B's win.

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