Tuesday, February 2, 2010

(Insert every expletive in the book)

A couple things.

#1- Horribly my Vegas prediction was right. B's had NO business being only a plus 125. Yes a solid 2 periods was "good". But hey guys, hockey is 3 periods. And COUNT IT! 8 straight losses...

#2-11 straight wins for the Caps. Did I mention EIGHT STRAIGHT LOSSES FOR THE BRUINS.

#3- Toronto was up 3-0, and yes Kessel scored. (in no way do I want him back. good riddance)

#4- Most appropriate moment of the game. With less than 5 minutes left Krejci and Wheeler collide after crossing the blue line. Yup. Way to go offense.

#5- Bruins are openly shopping Ryder according to TSN. (too lazy/pissed to post link...my apologies)

#6- Did Theodore think he was Ron Tugnutt? 40 saves is no 70, but not bad.

#7- Are you f'in kidding me Bruins? Ok you have shown "better effort" the last 3 games. But you are still HORRIBLE. Seriously. You were #1 in the East last year. Why? You hit, you stuck up for each other, you shot the damn puck. You played a team game. I don't know what this crap is, but it ain't pretty. Not to mention, a lot of people spend good money on you. Us idiot season ticket holders (ok I'm once removed), people who bought all the Winter Classic Crap, NHL Center Ice subscribers, people who have no money, yet order cable and NESN just to watch the B's. You owe it to all of us to be better.

#8- The Boychuck/Ovechkin love fest was really cute.

#9-Montreal than Vancouver. I wish the game against Vancouver was the actual Olympics, it's time man. This sucks. SUCKS!

#10- I originally said "a couple things". Well B's, here is one thing: WIN A GOD DAMN HOCKEY GAME.

48 hours vs. the Habs.

Help Us. Somebody. Anybody. HELP!

Fine. I lied. To all the gambler's in the house. Here is one guy that has it worse than the Bruins. God Bless Horse Racing..."The autopsies of my horses-they were clean, they were sound." (click here for the story)

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  1. I want to dunk my head in a blender and then hit "puree".