Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Canada Pounds Norway, 8-0

It wasn't quite the blowout. The first period actually ended with no score. Then slowly Canada began to get their feet going and starting scoring goals like crazy. Norway trapped throughout the first period and played a pretty calm game. But things got out of hand. Canada goals by Iginla (3), Heatley (2), Richards (a shorty from Bergeron), Getzlaf, Perry. Bergeron played most of the night on Canada's 4th line with Richards and Toews.
random crap
  • No touch icing. It's odd to see this. Also, no trapezoid.
  • Contrary to what Minnesota experienced with his cable provider, I found the CAN/NOR game on channel 901 (Comcast), but then I had to switch to 795 at 8pm after curling ended (USA lost to Japan)
  • Luongo in goal. Lines were mostly Nash-Crosby-Iginla, Marleau-Thornton-Heatley, Perry-Getzlaf-Staaaaal, Toews-Bergeron-Richards
  • Norway's goaltender, Pal Grotnes, played a pretty strong game, considering. He was pulled after the 4th goal. Then they put in Andre Lysenstoen and the floodgates opened.
  • After each goal, the obnoxious "OLE" chant/song was played. I was hoping this was purely a Montreal phenomenon, but Vancouver is doing it as well.
  • Ya know who I'm waiting to see on team Russia? Former Bruin Sergei Zinovjev. He played with us for a short time, then just didn't really feel like playing for the AHL and joined the KHL. A little bit of a head case, but IIRC, had some mad one-on-one skillz.
  • Dick Ebersol has a huge forehead. That shit's, like, a five-head.
  • Women's hockey - Finland vs. China just started. China is pretty bad. They play like me.

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