Monday, February 22, 2010

Ryan Miller is Jesus

Well, I was wrong. The USA/CAN game turned out to be one of the more exciting hockey games I've seen since BOS/MTL Game 6. USA got a quick goal right away from Rafalski and never looked back. They responded whenever CAN scored, and though things looked iffy when the game was tied, 2-2, Ryan Miller was there to save the day. And that Ryan Kesler empty goal was the coolest empty net goal (if there ever was such a thing) I've seen since Hextall's. USA wins, 5-3.
random crap
  • This team is strange in that I'm forced to root for players I normally hate. Brooks Orpik is one of the top 10 pieces of shit in the NHL, yet now I'm rooting for him and screaming at the television, esp. when he dumped Sidney Criesby. And Phil Kessel, I'm rooting for Kessel?
  • How about the deafening silence at the Canada Hockey Centre last night, huh?
  • Canada now plays Germany (Sturm!) to qualify for something, and if they beat Germany (which they should), they then play Russia and Flying Ovechkins.
  • Boy, does NBC suck ass or what? Their main broadcast on a Sunday night was figure skating (ice dancing?) instead of this incredible game.
  • Aside: Who are the bigger d-bags on the local slopes: terrain park snowboarders or telemark skiers? I'm actually going to go with telemark skiers. You know the type: usually has a beard, a backpack, and a smug look on their face.
  • US Men's Curling. Shuster was back in last night to screw up the game against Great Britain (which ended conveniently right before the hockey game). We are 2-5, we play Canada today and China tonight. No medal this year.

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  1. They're only looking smug cos they saw you coming along.