Sunday, February 7, 2010

(Letting out the biggest sigh of relief ever...)

After Sturm's second goal, the Morale Officer texts..."My face just fell off."


B's win in a great effort.

GREAT stones shown by Wheeler in throwing down with O'Byrne. Yes it was a SHORT bout ( Wheels got in 2 blows), but an absolute A plus for being willing. The B's should bring back the "hard hat" and give it to Blake for that.

Also, it's about time we got some lucky bounces. The McQuaid goal, along with Sturm's second.

Goalie controversy is on. BIG TIME. That's a lot of money sitting on the bench in a backup goalie (and I LOVE Timmy), but having Tukka start 3 in a row (and he looked damn good today) is a sign.

Gord and Barry speculated in between periods a team like the Caps could be interested. Obviously no real evidence on this but it makes sense.

Either way. Finally a win, and the Thomas trade watch is on...(or is it?)...

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