Friday, February 12, 2010

PHEW......B'S WIN 5-4

Full disclosure here- I did not watch the first 2 periods of the B's game last night. I realize I'm a horrible blogger, but I had a late meeting for work. Something has to pay for that Center Ice.

Here's what I do know. I'm getting texts throughout the first 2 periods ranging from "This is unbelievable!", "The doghouse crew scored (Lucic & Satan)", "Satan just got roughed up by Downie""Chara just messed up Downie", etc etc etc. I check and it's 5-0. Ok, B's are finally shooting the puck into the net, Lucic is on his game, and the Krejci line is firing on all cylinders. Awesome. We are on a 3 game winning streak, win one more and cruise into the Olympic break.

I get home for the start of the 3rd, by then 5-2. No sweat, skate hard for 20 minutes, game in hand.

STOP THE PRESSES! Hey Bruins, hockey is a 3 period game. This is a problem that has been bugging them for weeks. Throughout the 10 game losing streak etc. Keep skating hard. Yes, the officials didn't help, but man, to make a game that close. I literally thought in the final minute that TB would tie it up. That bad. I don't know what it is. This Bruins team still gets complacent. Not sure why? Seriously, you're not that good. Still riding a YOUNG goalie, and besides last night, having trouble scoring goals.

Either way, a win is a win. Still waiting for that Bruins team to roar back into the fire. The team that will destroy you if you look at them sideways. And we are getting to that point. The Lucic beat down the other night, Chara last night, Thornton throwing. But keeping that up for 60 minutes. Stepping on the ice and having teams FEAR playing you. That is where this team was at for the majority of last year, and I think can get to that point again. Goals are starting to come, Tuukka has been solid (with a few glove side mistakes), and the toughness is coming back.

Let's get one more and go into the break with a 4 game winning streak...

It's funny how the game goes. Had the Bruins won 5-0, or even 5-2, I"d be crowning them Eastern Conference Contenders...5-4 and I find the negatives...

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