Thursday, February 18, 2010

If you're not watching the Olympics, you don't have a pulse...

Ok here we are...

I could write a book on the last few days.

Random thoughts-

How stupid is NBC for putting live microphones on snowboarders? Seriously? It was beautiful, I was just waiting for it, and it came. Wow.

Milbury and Roenick may kill each other by the times these games are over. No doubt. Milbury cuts off everything Roenick tries to say, and JR stares him down. They haven't agreed on anything. Blows are coming soon.

I HATE no touch icing. PATHETIC. It's HORRIBLE.

Something strange is going on with the Olympic Hockey tv timeouts. It's as though the officials on the ice don't even acknowledge them. They just drop the puck whenever they want. How many times have you come back from a commercial to the game in progress?

CURLING IS MESMORIZING! Seriously. I love it. The skill, the strategy, the fact that it's on ice. The U.S.A. however after another heartbreaking loss in extra's last night is now 0-3 in the round robin. That guy Shuler/Shuster? is about as clutch as Scott Norwide.

It looks as though Marco Sturm recorded about 40 minutes of ice time in that Germany game...He's on every single unit, and I swear he was triple shifting...

LAST NIGHT'S SLOVAKIA/CZECH GAME WAS THE GAME OF THE TOURNAMENT SO FAR! Why it was on at midnight eastern is beyond me (and why the Slovakia/Swiss woman's game preempted it is even worse.) Thoughts from the game.. HOW DID I MISS THAT VLADIMIR RUZICKA WAS COACH OF THE CZECHS? Brilliant! Aren't him and Jagr the same age? Jagr looked amazing (goal and assist) and could greatly help out the B's. A funny moment when Krejci and Chara tumbled to the ice in the first. Also, cut it out with the visors. They are horrendous. Chara went to the box in the 3rd, again not really stepping up when he should (sound familiar?). Czechs win 3-1. SWEET tip by Elias for the first goal, reeked of Recchi.

Missing the U.S.A. game because of work again today. Terrible. We can all look forward to Sunday evening however with the USA/CANADA.

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