Friday, February 19, 2010

Canada gets lucky

Last night the Swiss (!) gave Canada all they could handle in a pretty exciting game. I have to admit, I forgot to tune in until the middle of the 2nd period - and I was shocked to see the score so close - Canada on top, 2-1 (Goals by Heatley, Marleau). As soon as I got a txt from the Mayor "are you watching this?!", the Swiss put in their 2nd goal to tie the game. My face was 6" from the screen for the 3rd period as Canada attacked the Swiss and Jonas Hiller (45 saves total) shut them down. The Swiss actually attacked in OT, getting 3 shots, but for some reason, the IOC has Olympic hockey like NHL hockey. We were stuck watching a shootout. Crosby scored on Canada's 4th attempt, and Brodeur made all 4 saves. So the Swiss played a great defensive game, and but lost on an individual skill competition.

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