Saturday, January 16, 2010

B's Let One Slip Away

Pretty important game this afternoon - was the San Jose game an anomaly, or had the B's turned the corner and learned to play a tough, 60-minute game?
Well, almost. The B's played pretty well in the 1st 2 periods, but started to fall apart as the Kings tied the game at 3, only to then win it in the shootout.
Goals by Ryder, Wheeler, Satan.
Considering our prediction for this road trip was 0-3-0 and they went 1-1-1, getting 3 out of 6 points, I guess it's not the worst result. Supposedly, Bergeron comes back Monday against the Senators.
random crap
  • The Ryder/Wheeler/Krejci line showed some flashes of last year's brilliance. Several shifts featured cycling along the boards, lots of puck possession and guys getting good looks.
  • McQuaid fought Segal, Thornton fought Ivanans. McQuaid got a quick punch in to start, but that devolved into a wrestling match. Ivanans hit Thornton a few times, but that also didn't amount to much.
  • Jack & Brick spent a few moments pimping the Kindle. Stealth marketing?
  • Separated at birth: Ryan Smyth and Les Claypool?
  • Claude Lemieux was shown getting honored before a Devils/Nordilanche game. The guy is a huge piece of shit, I've had indigestion since K-Tap & Barry showed the clip.
  • 2 Bruins have returned from injury: Stuart (broken sternum) and Krejci (yeast infection). Stuart almost fought Stoll. I'm just waiting for Stuart to destroy someone in a fight.
  • LA taking liberties the whole night, and getting all of the calls...I don't even remember a Bruins power play. I spent a good portion of the game screaming with my face 3 inches from the TV screen and my fists clenched.
  • I'll start the buzz now - Paille for 7th player award. Today, he took a shotgun blast to the thigh and kept playing.

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