Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Classic, etc.

Bobby Clarke and Bobby Orr meet up at center ice before the game.

Phew! Who isn't hockeyed out after the past few days' events, huh?

So in case you haven't heard, a few hockey games were played at Fenway. The first one was the Winter Classic, where the Bruins pulled it together in the final minutes to eke out a 2-1 OT win. Then Saturday featured the Legends Classic where Jay Miller displayed his nascent sniper abilities and scored a hat trick. Not occuring at Fenway, but equally entertaining has been the World Junior Championships - USA losing to the Hosers 5-4 in a shootout on New Year's Eve, then USA beating the Finns, then last night beating the Swedes. If you like fast, crazy-skilled hockey, check out the World Juniors. USA plays Canada for the gold tomorrow night at 8pm on the NHL Network.
Winter Classic random crap
  • TOO MANY FLYERS FANS. What a bunch of rubes. I was half-expecting them to throw batteries on the ice when the B's scored.
  • SCOTT HARTNELL. This guy is right up there with Avery as far as being an on-ice punk. His hair is obnoxious, he looks like Carrot Top out there. Lootch needs to come back so the B's won't get pushed around anymore.
  • SHUT UP, we know that "it's like being a kid again" after seeing the footage/hype of the previous outdoor games.
  • I can't believe they played "Sweet Caroline", the whole tradition at Sox games blows my mind, but there are those who say it galvanized the Bruins into scoring the goal, so my new fear is that they'll play this at the FleetGarden after Lootch beatdowns instead of "Seek & Destroy".
  • That B-2 Stealth flyover was something else. You expect flyovers to be all loud and stuff, and this thing was quiet as a mouse. Definitely a "holy shit" moment.
  • You call that "hot chocolate"???? Dude, it was brown water. HORRIBLE.
Legends Classic random crap
  • How nice was it to see Cam Neely skating again?
  • Charlie Jacobs scored a goal. As you would expect, the guy's 145lbs soaking wet, holding an anvil, so it's no surprise that Tom Werner (yes, that Tom Werner) beat him down in a "fight".
  • Cload was out there, playing "defense".
  • Middleton was awarded a penalty shot after being hooked down. He beat Peter Farrelly five-hole.
  • Farrelly was actually pretty good in net. Not just a connoisseur of dick 'n fart jokes, that Farrelly. He got the MVP of the game.
  • The attendance for this event was pretty good. The bleachers were kind of empty, but the Field Boxes & Grandstands were decently packed.
  • Jack Edwards and some other guy did the play-by-play, which was broadcast over the Fenway PA.

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