Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Trade Rumors

Here are some random notes from around the web plus a look at Toronto's UFA's that could be on the block.

KPD says Aaron Ward would be a nice cheap addition. We said that Friday too.

Hockeyleaks.com thinks the Bruins were in heavy discussion with the 'Canes for Whitney. View From 311 likes the prospect of this deal.  They also think the Bruins are shopping Timmy.  This is odd to me if true - Toronto has plenty of cap room and questionable goaltending.  Atlanta has poor goaltending, but I don't want Kovalchuk - I'm with Millbury on that one.

Hockeybuzz.com thinks the Bruins are talking Kovalchuk and Phaneuf. I don't buy it - to get either would require Krejci at a minimum. I generally don't trust Eklund on anything.

Now to the Leafs who are closing in on being guaranteed sellers - go here to see their contract situation. UFA's of note:

  • Alexei Ponikarovsky - $2.1M cap hit. Left-handed shooting winger that can score a few goals. Fits the Bruins needs perfectly. As long as Chiarelli and Burke are still pals, I have to imagine they are talking about this one.  He would replace the Miro experiment.
  • Matt Stajan - $1.75M cap hit. Bruins don't need a center, so I don't consider him a possibility unless they move Krejci.
  • Lee Stempniak - $2.5M cap hit. A little too much of a hit for what you get. He's also a right-handed shot which the Bruins don't need.
  • Wayne Primeau - Whitby, Ontario Canada - those of you who were in the garden for the "It's Called Bruins" season when we traded Jumbo Joe will know why I added the Whitby Ontario Canada after his name. Just mentioned him for that reason - I don't think the Maple Leafs even want him on their roster, much less anybody else.

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