Saturday, January 30, 2010

Geez, What's it Gonna Take to get a Win?

Tonight, I developed a headache at the game because my jaw was clenched, and I almost ground my teeth down into dust. I have to say, the Bruins did put forth a better, more lively effort than in recent games. But they still lost, in OT, against the Kings, 3-2. Goals by Recchi and Sturm. They still look lost out there, and can't seem to skate out of their own zone. But at least they played with an NHL lineup (Bitz, Sturm, Begin are back). So many missed chances, hit a few crossbars/posts, players looking the wrong way, etc. We just can't get the lucky bounce.
random crap
  • Nice check by Mark Stuart on Anze Kopitar, which led to a fight between Stuart and Simmonds. Simmonds got 4 minute instigator, 5 minute roughing, and 10 minute misconduct. Kopitar had his head down, and Stuart just stood there and let Kopitar skate into him. Good stuff. Minnesota jumped to his feet and applauded in approval. Of course, after the fight, what do they play? "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting" - Elton John version - a song which really strikes fear into the heart of the opponent. It should have been something like a Slayer tune or something. Regardless, the highlight of the night.
  • Whenever the jumbotron shows "black 'n blue hockey", check out the Bruins bench - every player watches "black 'n blue hockey".
  • I think we need to call this guy to exorcise the Curse of the Winter Classic:
  • Fight in section 306 it looked like. It seems that it was mostly verbal and possibly between 2 chicks.
  • Row 10 Wheeler-hater left early, during the shootout. He was pretty quiet and showed no hate for Wheeler tonight.
  • Apparently on T&R on Thursday, Shawn Thornton made a comment about the absence of P.J. Axelsson in the locker room, how the team really misses him.
  • Nice to see Savard out there, he made about 3 or 4 sick passes. Too bad he plays with guys who can't finish.
  • Toronto blew another lead, lost to Vancouver, 5-3. And Carolina won again, beating Chicago, 4-2.
  • Right now, I'd take Cam Fowler over Taylor Hall, but that's just me. I can't wait for the Derek Morris era to end.

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