Friday, January 8, 2010

Deal with Satan

The Bruins were outclassed last night by the Blackhawks and lost, 5-2. Goals by Satan (result of a hustling forecheck by Wheels) and Wheels. Cload pulled Timmy in the 2nd period after he let in a floater from the blue line. After then, Chicago just laid back and toyed with the Bruins. Last night we witnessed the cold efficiency of what is probably this year's Stanley Cup champ.
Marc Savard, on his first shift, just 28 seconds into the game, hurt his knee. MRI is being conducted this morning, but it can't be good.
random crap
  • We're not totally sure, but we're sure enough, that Row 10 (who left early again) loudly expressed his wish for Wheels to get AIDS. Now Wheels has been the object of 311's ire the past few months, but we've never gone as far as wishing for him to get sick.
  • Hunwick was HORRIBLE. He was fighting himself and fighting the puck.
  • Andy McQuaid was out of his element, he needs to get back down to Providence soon.
  • Compare with Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook - arguably the league's top defense pair. Both were +4 last night.
  • Byfuglien ("BUFF-lin") and Toews ("TAVES")? 311 hasn't encountered messed up names like this since Stan Neckar (NETS-cash) back in the late 90's.

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