Friday, January 15, 2010

So You're Saying There's a Chance!

Great freaking win by the B's last night. Even though we are all a bit tired, that is the type of win that can define a season.

I know everyone was quick to jump on the Tukka train, but last night showed why Timmy should be the #1 goalie. Yes, times occur when Thomas lets up some softies, but when you make 40 plus saves, and come up huge in the Shootout (editor's note, I still f*#!@ hate the shootout), the team rallies around you. Yes Tukka can be brilliant, but watching Timmy when he's on is a work of art.

B's have been scary lately. Obviously all the injuries hurt, and yes I feel like I've been watching games at the Dunkin Donuts Center (is it still called that in Providence?), but to rally on the west coast, off a tough loss the night before to guts out a win, that is the team we can get behind. None of this entitlement, not sticking up for people, not fighting crap. But playing the game and winning.

Not to mention any time we can beat Joe Thornton, I am happy, (and yes I still support the trade, for many of the same reasons I supported getting Kessel the hell out of town).

Go Bruins.


  1. Right on - these past two games should silence all of the haters out there who think Thomas should be traded. Tuukka lost the Anaheim game for them and would have been blown away by San Jose last night too. Thomas was fantastic.

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