Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hide All Sharp Objects

"I'm gonna call my girlfriend and tell her to hide all the knives in the kitchen. This game is pathetic." -- "Minnesota" during the 2nd period of today's loss to the Rangers

The Bruins dropped another turd today on Causeway St., losing to the Rangers, 3-1. Yet again, Henrik Lundqvist OWNED us.
#1 star announced was Brandon Dubinsky. He skated on a line with Higgins & Avery. Has a greater collection of shitbags on 1 line ever been assembled? The 2nd period of today's game was so bad (3 shots to the Rangers' 21, I lost count), it could've been the worst period of the year. The Bruins now take to the road: Anaheim, San Jose, LA. Our hopes for this road trip are whale-shit low: 0-3-0. Savvy's got a partially torn MCL. It's just bad all over.
random crap
  • Bruins goal by Wideman, he beat Lundqvist from the blue line with a slapshot.
  • Brashear & Thornton squared off early. Thornton surprised Brash with a punch to the face and got the takedown, but it could have been more.

  • Today's roster program included a feature on Johnny Boychuk, who said his guilty pleasure was shopping, and what he loves to shop for is shoes. Hey, you wanna know how I know you're gay? But his real crime was on the Dubinsky goal, where he fell and looked around for a call by the ref and while Dubinsky walked in on Thomas to score. Speaking of shoddy defense, wasn't it HORRIBLE to see Del Zotto just breeze right in and score on Thomas

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