Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The NHL on NBC

Who says we can't be political? Down with Jay Leno. I'm with Coco. NBC Blows. Fitting that the NHL's national network presence is a sinking ship - the NHL has never been able to get television right here in the states. We, the diehard fans of the NHL, are always going to be a niche market. But I think it's better that way to be honest. With the NHL Network, NHL Radio on Sirius, and hockey-mad Canada providing plenty of media I have enough as an NHL fan. American television tends to ruin professional sports (5 hour baseball games, the glut of advertising during NFL games, and I can actually watch a college hoops game, but pro hoops on TV is unbearable). We should be thankful they haven't sunk their claws into our favorite game...yet. One thing that needs to change though is Versus on DirecTV. I'm cancelling my DirecTV and switching to cable as soon as my NHL Center Ice runs out. I will NOT go through the NHL playoffs without Versus in my home. DirecTV take note!

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