Friday, January 15, 2010

B's win

I predicted a 2-0 loss. Minnesota txt'd me while standing on the roof of the highest building in Boston, his toes peeking over the edge: "B's lose 5-1".
'Twas not to be, as the Bruins banded together and played a tough, nearly error-free game and beat the San Jose Sharks, 2-1 in a shootout. Bruins goals from Paella (assist by Thornton and tenacious forechecking by Trent Whitfield; Milbury was losing his mind during the analysis). Shootout goal by Chara, as he wound up and shot an 8 foot slapper thru the wickets of Nabokov. The puck had already bounced off the back of the net by the time Nabokov reacted to the initial shot. It's almost a little unfair. Thomas stopped Heatley & Marleau in the shootout.
random crap
  • K-Tap, sporting a green shirt, most likely to support hubby Jay Leach - #28 in teal & black on your program. He didn't see much ice time in the 3rd period or OT.
  • Jack Edwards was so insane at the end of the game; his voice was either hoarse from yelling, or he was about to cry.
  • Jack Edwards also gushed about how loud the Sharks' arena can get, because of its "metal roof". Actually, most arenas have a "metal roof", it's just likely that improve sound, the metal roof has acoustic treatments (note the hanging sheets of something in the FleetGarden) to damp unwanted harmonics, etc. thus providing better sound for concerts. The Sharks' arena probably doesn't have these, making things "louder". Yeah, I know.
  • I dunno, but did you see that backhand, no-look pass made by Joe Thornton from behind the net that bounched off the half-wall and right to Dan Boyle, who shot the puck which led to the Sharks' only goal? Mercy.
  • Paella was just tireless out there, man. 7 shots last night in 14:43 of ice time. The Lunch Paille Gang. I ripped that off from one of the commenters on boston dot com.
  • Oh yeah, the B's lost a tough one the night before in Anaheim, 4-3.

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