Saturday, January 23, 2010

No Pulse

I think it is time for the Bruins to realize that they have NO SHOT at the playoffs. Really - just fold up your tents and shoot for 2 lottery picks this summer. Today, the Bruins loafed thru another game at the FleetGarden and lost to Ottawa, 2-1. Goal by Paille on a rather nice shot from a tough angle. Another goal was called back, scored by Recchi. Apparently, there was a "distinct kicking motion". Otherwise, the team just did not care. Stupid, careless mistakes like not paying attention to offsides, or skating for 15 seconds with only 4 guys on the ice. The defensement are so reluctant to skate out of their zone, it's just horrible to watch. Honestly, I'm so irritated with today's game I can barely type. Ottawa embarrassed you a week ago and you got nothing to show for it?

As Minnesota said, "This isn't a team. Just a buncha dudes who are paid to play hockey."

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