Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Rule of 94

Generally speaking, it takes 94 points to make the playoffs in the East.  Since the lockout, the 8th place team in the Eastern Conference has had 92, 92, 93, and 94 points.  The Bruins have 31 games to go and have to get 40 more points to reach 94.  This means finishing 20-11-0 or small task.  They better start by getting at least 10 points out of these 9 games before the break.

The Toronto Maple Leafs could win every single one of their final 28 games and they would finish with only 100 points.  Lottery here we come!

Also, NHL 94 is arguably the best in the series - the advent of the one-timer in hockey video games changed my life.   Enjoy Mario Lemieux scoring on a one-timer from Jaromir Jagr:

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  1. Didn't they take away bleeding and fights in 94? or am I making that up? 93 was by far my favorite...I remember my brother and I collecting cans to pay for it, and handing the cashier at Toys R Us stacks of quarters...