Friday, January 29, 2010

Could tonight save the season?


Here we are.

9 games in 15 days.

The B's play Buffalo (twice) (Sabes are 3rd in the East), LA (6th in the West), the Caps (leading the East), Habs (twice (who cares where they stand, this is always a battle), Vancouver (beginning their longest trip in history), Tampa Bay and Carolina (ok should be a bit easier to beat).

Anyway, tonight's game could save the season. Savard's back. The B's are well rested. No longer should the product on the ice be compared to an AHL team. Play a statement game tonight, and set the tone for the entire stretch before the Olympics. Do the freaking things you did last year that led to success. Do the SIMPLE things. Hit hard, finish your checks, STAND UP FOR YOUR DAMN TEAMMATES, drop the gloves, and for the love of all that is holy SHOOT THE GOD DAMN PUCK.

I'm not ready to abandon this team's playoff chances...YET. However, if they go down in flames in the next two weeks, I'll be about ready to.

Let's Go Bruins.

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