Monday, January 18, 2010


Coming to you live from my office in Providence...

I didn't want to use a full vacation day to attend today's game against Ottawa since my office does not celebrate MLK day. I've got a potential Frozen Four to attend (at least 2 vacation days) since my UMD Bulldogs have been setting the world on fire lately in the WCHA. That means I'll only attend 37 games this year instead of big deal, but probably a low for me in my 5 years as a Season Ticket Holder.

Here's a diary of today's action with me streaming 98.5 online:

12:30p - Text from Morale Officer saying Bergy is in - Row 12 using my ticket today - I'll have to de-louse my seat when I get there on Thursday

12:49p - Bob Beers commenting on Draft Watch 2010 in pre-game. I am rooting for Toronto losses nearly as much as Bruins wins - Toronto getting a lot of airtime on my NHL Center Ice package.

12:52p - Big game for the standings today - need to find a way to win in regulation and continue our dominance against the Sens.

1:01p - Whitfield playing on line with Bergy so he can take draws - too much stress on thumb for Bergy. Sturm, Begin, and Bitz out today - it's kind of ridiculous.

1:06p - The Mayor theorizes that 11-yr old anthem singer is Rene's daughter. Rave reviews for her from Beers and Gouche.

1:10p - Drew Larman making his Bruins debut. Unreal.

1:13p - First derogatory comments about Kovalev's consistency by Beers. 7 goals in last 33 games for Kovalev, but they all came in just 2 games.

1:16p - Scott Brown ads during every commercial break - they are assaulting us with ads for this race here in the Bay State. I'm even getting solicitations from dudes in my fantasy football league - it feels like a presidential election around here - will be relieved come Wednesday when the media saturation goes away.

1:19p - Of course Kovalev scores on us - what a dick.

1:26p - First Coakley ad of the broadcast that I've caught.

1:29p - Alfy scores moments after Mayor texts me "B's look dead." The dreaded first home game after a road trip? This could get ugly - someone should pick a fight with Chris Neil.

1:33p - Beers saying the Bruins haven't done much offensively at all. What else is new?

1:40p - 2-0 after 1 - not looking good for our boys. Maybe they'll come out with more legs for the 2nd.

1:44p - 98.5 using Deftones song for the bumper - unfortunately the highlight of the broadcast thus far.

1:57p - Beers comments Bruins looked 'sleepy' in the first period.

2:11p - Power plays for each team unsuccessful. Bruins 0-7 on power play in past 4 games. As Beersy said, the bigger problem in that stat is that they've generated only 7 PP's in 4 games. "Move your feet and good things happen!"

2:16p - 3-0 Sens. Beersy saying 'almost too easy.' Rask coming in for Thomas. 3 goals on 9 shots. This will fuel the Thomas-haters. Don't forget about the game he gave us in San Jose.

2:18p - Glad I didn't use a vacation day to witness this.

2:20p - Goucher: "The quality chances the Bruins have generated today; you could count on one hand and wouldn't have to use all your fingers." All too common this year at the Garden.

2:24p - 4-0: Alfy hat trick. Text from Morale Officer: "kill me"

2:25p - Mayor: "and this is disgusting"

2:26p - I'm now happy to be here at work instead of at the Garden. Time to start thinking about Thursday.

2:28p - Toronto @ Nashville tonight. Go Preds!

2:31p - Beers on fans booing Bruins PP: "They can't get the puck in the zone right now Dave." I am now glad I am only listening to this and not watching on TV.

2:41p - Silver lining? Mike Fisher is on my fantasy team and has 3 assists. Nope, I don't feel better.

2:45p - Chance for revenge against the Sens on Saturday. They come right back to town for the final meeting of the regular season.

2:46p - I haven't seen any replays, but the between periods discussion makes it sound like the Tim Thomas haters will be out in full force after this performance. I thought he had squashed this and I wouldn't have to deal with it anymore, but 2 GA on 3 shots in the first doesn't help.

2:56p - Beers saying "this is the worst they have played in some time," which is really saying something when you think back to the last two games against the Rangers in recent memory. The Bruins need to get to that olympic break without falling too far in the standings - get healthy, make a trade or two and make a run down the stretch. Expectations have to be tempered with the injuries right now.

3:00p - Beers: "You could hear a pin drop in this building right now." Again, all too often this season.

3:01p - Lunch Pail(le) gets the Bruins on the board after good work from Lucic down low. Morale Officer's 7th payer nominee waking up the fans.

3:11p - Lucic and Carkner "having a discussion." When will we be treated to another Lucic beatdown? Is he still avoiding the fisticuffs because of his finger? Someone help me out here if you've heard anything. By the way, this is only his 16th game of the season.

3:13p - Cheechoo scores thanks to the referee colliding with Wideman. Hey, at least it happened in the third period of a 4-1 game if it had to happen. Cheechoo sux - 56 goals just 4 years ago and this was his 5th with an assist to the referee.

3:24p - They have until Thursday to figure out what went wrong today. They are so shorthanded right now. Get healthy guys. The Blue Jackets have been HORRIBLE for the last couple months.

3:29p - Mercifully, the game is over - I'm turning off my streaming audio. Go Preds.

I'm going to do my best to avoid the highlights tonight on the best show on television: "NHL On The Fly"

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  1. I was going to find a picture of a huge turd and post that as my game recap. But this was 6x as good.

    Bonus: Some kid almost voted "fan of the game" wearing an afro wig and black-face. (actually, black-and-yellow face) On MLK day.