Friday, March 19, 2010

Bruins drop turd, lose 3-0

That game was pure bullshit. I'm somewhat glad that Thornton took care of business with Cooke, but the rest of the team wasn't there. It should have been a massive gangbang with Cooke, with each player taking his turn pounding his face in until the refs give Cooke a misconduct for his own safety. And they shouldn't have stopped there. Anything that moved in a Pittsburgh jersey should have been attacked. Sobotka took a run at Crosby at center ice, clipped him, but didn't get all of him. I would have been able to deal with the loss if we had clobbered them, yet the lack of any give-a-shit-ness by the team is so discouraging. Even Chara, after his fight with Rupp, looked back at the bench to egg them on, and they all went back to knitting some sweaters.
And the most egregious offense - to not show up on the same night where the great 1970 Cup-winning team is honored, Andy Brickley being the emcee basically calling out the 2010 team for not having any ballz, and you even have God himself, Bobby Orr, saying that the 1970 team would all be in jail after the Cooke event. You've basically been given carte blanche by Jesus himself to go buckwild on the Pens, and you just sit & fart on the bench.

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