Friday, March 12, 2010

B's Slap Flyers Away Like a Brat at K-mart

In a rare display of jam & goal-scoring, the B's pounded the Flyers last night, 5-1. Goals by Bergeron, Krejci, Sturm, Wheels, and Recchi. Suddenly, the B's discovered how to pass and get out of their own zone. Ryder actually passed the puck and it actually worked (Krejci goal). Who is this team?
  • Seidenberg was +3 with 2 assists and 5 shots in a team-leading 22:15 of ice time. Plus, he "boarded" Carcillo (embellished by Carcillo), which is always good. Especially since my last-place fantasy team has Carcillo and rewards PIM (he got a misconduct later). Anyhow, this Seidenberg trade so far is working out well. He's tougher than Morris, but still not scared to make the occasional offensive play. He will also come in handy when we beat down Pittsburgh next week.
  • Bergeron was a force last night. Sturmgeron.
  • 2 fights by Caveman Strong Mark Stuart. Perhaps buoyed by the "A" on his sweater the other night, he took on Carcillo and perennial pest Laperriere. Both fights were just waltzes, with Stuart getting the takedown on both occasions with no real punches thrown. This will come in handy when we beat down Pittsburgh next week.
  • Speaking of which, I believe the over/under on total penalty minutes to be set at 400. I'm betting the over.

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