Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tonight's Game and KPD

If the Bruins lose their 11th straight at home tonight, you can a stick a fork in me, I'm done thinking we will make the playoffs. The Maple Laffs traded away everybody and are bringing an AHL team to the TD Garden tonight. They also have a coach who put everything he had into the Olympics and has to be suffering from a complete lack of motivation himself. If you lose to this team at home, you do not deserve to make the playoffs.

Also, with the overwhelmingly bad will that Peter and staff generated amongst the fan base yesterday, can you imagine what a loss tonight will do to amplify that?

KPD offered his take on it today and pointed out that Raffi Torres or Alexei Ponikarovsky would not have brought Lord Stanley's Cup here to Boston. I agree with you KPD, but you left out the part about how the Seidenberg/Morris deals were made to clear cap room for a SMALL boost to the offense that Peter failed to provide. Peter traded away some of the future by sacrificing the 2nd rounder the Bruins had from Tampa to only get a college d-man and a 4th round pick in 2011 back. The supposed improvement over Morris that Seidenberg brings isn't going to lead to a victory parade in June either, so why sacrifice a potential top 40 pick on draft day for him? Remember, he's a UFA just like Morris at the end of the season.

Basically, it would have been better to do nothing than what Peter did yesterday - he proved to us that he didn't have things planned properly and that he couldn't pull the trigger when he needed to.

Someone, anyone to play with Savard would help this team. When Savard's line is not a threat, it makes this team very easy to play against. Raffi Torres or Alexei Ponikarovsky would have helped - to what degree is a question, but you cannot tell me they would not have helped at all. Miroslav Satan remaining in the lineup hurts - he's going to have to bag a hat trick tonight to get me off his back...

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